Accolades / Brunello di Montalcino / Montalcino

Saul Bellow in Tuscany (at Fattoria dei Barbi) and a “desire for the Brunello wine”

Many are familiar with the famous quote from Saul Bellow, “You can never lose your desire for the Brunello wine. Your susceptibility returns at the same rate as the glass fills.”

But few remember where it comes from or why he wrote those lines (and sadly, too many quote it incorrectly, translating it back to English from an Italian translation without looking up the original).

The passage comes from his essay “Winter in Tuscany,” which appeared in his 1994 collection of non-fiction essays, It All Adds Up: From the Dim Past to the Uncertain Future (republished by Penguin in 2018).

Even fewer people know that the Nobel laureate’s essay was inspired by his stay at Fattoria dei Barbi. He had traveled to Montalcino to undergo homeopathic therapy and he was hosted on the estate’s farmstead for the entire time he was there. The essay also includes a wonderful description of tasting the wines and dining at the Taverna dei Barbi.

It’s a great read. We highly recommend it!

Image via the Penguin website where you will also find a description of the book and its contents.

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