Michael Godel: “All visits to Montalcino should conclude at La Fattoria dei Barbi.”

“All visits to Montalcino should conclude at La Fattoria dei Barbi,” writes Michael Godel (above), leading Canadian wine writer and taste-maker.

“Barbi has been owned by the Cinellí Colombini family in Montalcino since 1352. The property extends over 350 hectares (865 acres) of fields and vineyards in southern Tuscany, in Montalcino, Scansano and Chianti. Production of Brunello dates to 1892 and Barbi were the first to export it to Europe, America and Asia. Fattoria dei Barbi is now run by Stefano Cinelli Colombini, educator, historian, keeper of tales, lore, mythology and chosen one who continues a story that has seen the Colombini family connected to these lands for more than six centuries.”

His notes are part of his wonderful December 2019 dispatch from Brunello di Montalcino, including ample tasting notes.

“Barbi has also listened to the wind and vintage ear worms sung from their iconic, 16th-century vineyard known as Vigna del Fiore,” he writes of the Fattoria dei Barbi 2012 single-vineyard designate Brunello. “Red fruit of clarity and purity reigns while acidity is at its finest for the house. The rusticity of cherry, leather and roasted beets combine for full gastronomic effect and lead into a rather sumptuous and mouth coating texture for the palate.”

Click here for the complete report, a must-read for Brunello lovers.

Image via Michael’s blog Godello.

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