Leading American wine blogger Cathrine Todd finds inspiration in a visit and tasting with Stefano

Photo by New York-based wine professional Cathrine Todd, author of the popular blog Dame Wine.

“Stefano’s story of the saint of the family,” writes top American wine blogger Cathrine Todd:

    shows a man who found purpose by simply going to the streets and taking care of all that he could; Stefano has the same philosophy with his passion as an “amateur historian,” as he calls himself, with photos, documents and artifacts that overwhelmingly focus more on the place than his particular family history… he even has bottles, enlarged photos and biographies of many of the other producers in his museum and ultimately he wants all the producers to be honored there. As we constantly peppered him with questions about his extraordinary place in Brunello history, he downplayed it with the idea that his family was lucky and it really didn’t become exciting until the area, that was at one time a dying town, started to become successful as a whole… and it dawned on me that his service to this area is really what makes Fattoria dei Barbi an outstanding producer. It is an example that all of us can live up to everyday.

Click here to read her wonderful post about a day spent talking and tasting with Fattoria dei Barbi owner and winemaker Stefano Cinelli Colombini (including tasting notes of current vintages and more).

Thank you, Cathrine, for this wonderful post.

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