Harvest 2019 / Vintage Notes

A lot of rain but no damage or erosion in the vineyards

Above: You can see Mt. Amiata in the distance in this photo taken this week at Fattoria dei Barbi.

Finally, a sunny day in Montalcino!

That’s the Vigna del Roccolo at Fattoria dei Barbi.

We had been planning to plant between-the-row grasses there but we were delayed by the inclement weather.

The good news is that, beyond the fact that we can finally seed there now, the many days of rainfall haven’t caused any damage. The rivers aren’t overflowing and there hasn’t been any erosion.

It rained a lot but it rained “well”: The soils “drank up” all the water and even though it’s cold now, the vines don’t seem like they have much desire to go dormant.

They got started on the later side in 2019. They worked hard this year and now they are taking their time.

Stefano Cinelli Colombini

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