Brunello Museum / Montalcino History

Visit the Brunello Museum, Montalcino’s spectacular collection of artifacts and historical documents

Did you know that the first wine to win a prize at the legendary Bordeaux wine competition and exposition was a Brunello?

In 1904, a Brunello from the 1899 vintage became the first Italian wine to receive the Gold Medal at the prestigious Exposition Industrielle International in Bordeaux.

It was a shining moment for Brunello di Montalcino and Italian wine at a time when Italian wines were not perceived as “fine wines” in the eyes — and on the palates — of the world.

And its just one of the chapters in Brunello’s illustrious history that winemaker Stefano Cinellli Colombini has documented in his extraordinary Brunello Museum, which lies on the Fattoria dei Barbi estate in the historic heart of the appellation.

You can scroll through a number of photographs, exhibits, and documents preserved at the museum by visiting its Facebook page here.

And of course, there’s nothing like the real thing: No visit to Montalcino is complete without a guided tour of the collection. You can set up your visit via telephone or email by visiting the museum’s about page (English is spoken at Fattoria dei Barbi so don’t hesitate to write in English!).

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