Tuscan cuisine

Classic pinci, Montalcino’s famous hand-rolled pasta, at Taverna dei Barbi

In other parts of Tuscany they are sometimes called pici (PEE-chee) but in Montalcino they are reverently referred to as pinci (PEEN-chee): Long, hand-rolled noodles made from nothing but flour and water.

Some might classify this wonderful pasta as rustic. And while it’s true that they belong to the classic Tuscan gastronomic canon, a cuisine based on humble ingredients, it’s the high quality of the flour that makes them so flavorful.

An American couple who recently dined at the Fattoria dei Barbi’s estate restaurant, Tavern dei Barbi, graciously shared this photo.

It’s just one of the authentic Tuscan dishes that you can always find on the menu.

Learn more about the Tavern dei Barbi, including seasonal menus and reservation info, here. Multiple vintages of Fattoria dei Barbi wines are available on the restaurant’s wine list.

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