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PANZANELLA Cook-Off Competition and Feast of the Blessed John Colombini July 28!

The Blessed Panzanella
A Gastronomic Competition

mostly but not wholly for the fun of it

Dedicated to this classic rustic Tuscan dish and its inventor, the Blessed Giovanni Colombini.

Sunday, July 28, 2019
11:30 a.m.


Fattoria dei Barbi | Montalcino
Loc. Podernovi 170 | Strada Consorziale dei Barbi
53024 Montalcino (SI) |

On Sunday, July 28, Fattoria dei Barbi will be inviting Tuscan food lovers to throw their bread salad into the ring, as it were, and share their own recipes with our tasting panel and guests.

According to legend, the dish was invented by the Blessed John Colombini himself (click here to read more about the Blessed John).

The competition is open to anyone who has her/his own recipe. The dishes will be tasted blind by a panel made up of journalists. But the public will also be able to taste the entries and weigh in.

The Colombini family, owners of the celebrated Fattoria dei Barbi winery, are the oldest family known to have lived in Montalcino: In 1352, Tommaso Colombini built the castle at Poggio alle Mura and just a few years later the Blessed Giovanni (John) Colombini preached in the Church of St. Augustine in Montalcino proper.

The family will also be hosting the Celebration of the Feast of the Blessed John Colombini Sunday-Monday, July 27-28. They will be opening he historic winery and aging cellar to the public and the private gardens will also be open to all visitors.

The entire family will be on hand and events will include guided tours, stories about the estate, and other curiosities, not to mention the “Panzanella Cook-Off.”

The Taverna dei Barbi will also be offering a menu inspired by cuisine from the Middle Ages, when the Blessed John Colombini lived. There will also be free tastings of wine, salumi, and cheeses produced on the estate.

To sign up for the competition or to register for the panzanella tasting and other events, please email or call us at: tel. +39 0577 841111 [Saturday and Sunday, call +39 0577 841205]

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