Accolades / Brunello di Montalcino

This wine “translates to grace.” A favorite Canadian writer on Barbi 2014 Brunello

Here’s what Michael Godel, one of our favorite Canadian wine writers and Italian experts, had to say about the 2014 Brunello di Montalcino (classic, blue label) by Fattoria dei Barbi. The notes come from his tasting at Benvenuto Brunello in Montalcino in February of this year.

The difficult vintages separate the adulte from the bambine and so expectation can’t help but run high for this storied house. I expect the 2014 may be misunderstood. Though quiet and maybe even needing to be described as in a state of demure, this from Barbi translates to grace. Forget vintage for this is Barbi, albeit in a world occupied by some not so unusual aromatics and flavours. Apples? Limes? Apricots? Perhaps. For now the state of grace is not fully accessible or appreciated. After some passage of time, in conjunction with good grip and slowly dissipating astringency, this will live on as a Barbi Brunello. It will do so in honesty, as if there could be any doubt.

Michael Godel
April 2019

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