Pici, the classic long noodle of Tuscan cuisine, sometimes called pinci in Montalcino.

They are served across southern Tuscany: pici (PEE-chee), hand-rolled long noodles made using just flour and water, a classic example of Tuscany’s rustic foodways.

In Montalcino, where they are often made with roughly milled flour, they can be called pinci (PEEN-chee).

There are myriad theories as to the origin of the name. But it’s probable that the term comes from the Italian appiccicare, meaning to stick, as in to be sticky).

They are one of those sine qua non elements of traditional cooking and you’ll always find them at the Taverna dei Barbi — served one way or another, with wild boar ragù, for example, or, as on a day when Montalcino Blog visited recently, dressed as cacio e pepe.

Taverna dei Barbi is the Fattoria dei Barbi’s classic Tuscan restaurant, open to the public. Click here for more info.

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