Op-ed: Stefano Cinelli Colombini’s opinion pieces on Montalcino and the wide world of wine.

“Only great civilizations produce great wines,” often says Fattoria dei Barbi legacy owner and winemaker Stefano Cinelli Colombini, an avid historian and prolific author who has written extensively on Montalcino’s evolution, history, and traditions.

Ever since we launched his Montalcino Blog in 2015, we have translated and published his opinion pieces — many of which have been published (in Italian) by the popular Italian wine blog Intravino — here on the site.

From Montalcino’s beginnings to his philosophical musings on the nature of wine appreciation, he covers a wide variety of subjects. And he regularly shares what are often considered controversial insights into winemaking and the impact of climate change on Italian viticulture.

His most recent piece (“The mythology behind a bottle of wine that costs $3,000”) caused quite a stir in the Italian-language wine world.

The post is included in the new archive we’ve created, “Op-ed.”

Whether you are Montalcino-focused or simply interested in the world of wine as seen by one of its greatest grape growers and winemakers, it makes for extremely compelling reading.

You can find all of his op-eds here.

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