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Holiday shopping: Where to find Fattoria dei Barbi wines

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the holiday season is in full swing. And that means it’s time for holiday shopping.

Over the years, we’ve written about how Brunello makes for such a great holiday gift. It’s the perfect special occasion wine and it’s a fantastic winter-weather wine: It goes great with classic winter and holiday season cooking (think roast beef, roast lamb, and the traditional holiday root and stem vegetable sides etc.).

Brunello also makes for a wonderful gift because it’s the wine that keeps giving: When properly stored, Brunello actually increases in value. And that’s not just in terms of dollars and cents. The longer Brunello ages (again, when properly cellared), the more delicious it gets.

The good news is that Fattoria dei Barbi’s Brunello is available in nearly every state in the U.S. and it’s easy to find in nearly every major city.

One good place to look for our wines is Google Shopping. The search results will reveal not only retailers in your area but also shops that are able to ship you the wine.

Another excellent resource is, which allows you to search within your state. You need to subscribe to the portal to be able to see all the results.

Not a subscriber? Please feel free to email our blogmaster Jeremy (by clicking here) and he’ll be happy to help you find a retailer in your area.

Happy holidays, everyone! And happy holiday shopping!

One thought on “Holiday shopping: Where to find Fattoria dei Barbi wines

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