Old Vintage Topping Off Ceremony this weekend at Fattoria dei Barbi! Bring us your old bottles to be topped off and resealed!

Those are Fattoria dei Barbi’s vineyards. It’s such a beautiful fall here that I just had to share this photo!

You’ll see this same panorama if you join us here at the Fattoria dei Barbi for our “topping off” ceremony.

It’s the day we take our clients’ bottles, top them off (with wine from the same vintage), and then reseal them.

The bottles must be 20 years old or older. And they have to have been stored properly (of course, there’s always the risk that the cork has gone bad).

Please join us. We’re looking forward to it!

Stefano Cinelli Colombini
Fattoria dei Barbi


The Annual Topping Off event will be held this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

All are welcome.

November 10-11
3 p.m. (both days)
followed by a guided tour of the winery
and a visit to the Brunello Museum

€35 per person.

For more information and to register, please contact us at | tel. +39 0577 841111- wine shop +39 0577 841205 |

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