Extreme weather plagues Montalcino and Tuscan coast

“Violent thunderstorms,” wrote Elisabetta Povoledo for the New York Times this week, “small tornadoes that blew roofs off homes, and hurricane-force winds lashed Italy from Piedmont to Sicily early this week, leaving at least 11 people dead, many more injured and firefighters and other rescue workers scrambling to respond to emergency calls.

Stefano posted this video on his Facebook this week together with the follow note.

This is what’s hitting us here at the Fattoria dei Barbi.

The road is blocked by a fallen tree.

At our estate in Maremma, the roofs on our two fermentation facilities have been blown away. The tanks now sit under open sky.

I have no idea what’s happening to the roofs of other wineries because it’s unthinkable to go outside to see.

We are hoping for the best. The windows are shaking and I’m thinking that I need to go get my son out of school.

UPDATE: Yes, the insulated roof that covered part of our cellar in Scansano flew off into the vineyards. But we have recovered the pieces and we are hopping to fix it over the next two or three days.

We won’t let this stop us!

Stefano Cinelli Colombin

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