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Chiara Sabatelli wins 2018 panzanella cook-off

Chiara Sabatelli from Monte Amiata (Tuscany) is the winner of this year’s panzanella cook-off competition.

On Sunday, July 29, she won the contest with a panzanella recipe that included brined capers, anchovies, and “trippa del Chianti,” extra-virgin olive oil-cured tripe.

She dubbed it “Panzanella del Chianti.”

Her recipe was selected as the winner by a group of Italian food experts and writers.

Click here for television coverage on RAI.

And click here to read Chiara’s blog, La Brucia Padelle.

Congratulations, Chiara!

Click here to read the story of how the Blessed Giovanni Colombini invented panzanella and why.

Image via Chiara’s Instagram.

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