Barbi’s 2012 Brunello “is special. A remarkable blend of technological precision meeting time-honored tradition”

“Fattoria Barbi is one of Brunello’s largest producers, writes wine blogger John Fodera on his site Tuscan Vines, but “quality doesn’t suffer in the least relative to the size of the estate production. I reject that argument on its merits. Passion and the insistence of quality begets quality. It matters not how large or small your production is.”

Here are his tasting notes:

Barbi has been around for over 6 centuries and today is helmed by Stefano Cinelli Colombini. The estate sprawls for over 300 hectares from which 200,000 bottles of Brunello are produced in most vintages. The wine cellars in Montalcino hold Brunello as old as 1892. Barbi ages its Brunello in small and medium sized barrels for the first few months of the wine’s life and then it is transferred to larger oak barrels.

The 2012 Fattoria dei Barbi Brunello di Montalcino is special. A remarkable blend of technological precision meeting time honored tradition. The color is a brilliant ruby that fades slightly to copper at the rim of the bowl. Meaty, the dried fennel and cured meat aromas circle around a large scaled core of ripe wild berry fruit. On the palate, the wine is no less compelling. Wild berry notes abound and are framed with fennel seed, roasted mushroom, and a dusty texture to the fine tannins. Paired with buffalo mozzarella, warmed ciabatta, and roasted chicken, this wine simply blossomed even more alongside the food. Reliable. 94 points and a bargain…

Thank you, John, for your thoughtful tasting notes and kind words!

Image via Tuscan Vines.

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