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The Taverna dei Barbi, where you can still dine (well) like old times

We just had to share the above photo posted by Federica P. on her Facebook last week.

She was visiting the Fattoria dei Barbi and the Taverna dei Barbi with a group organized by the Olive Oil Academy, an international educational center located in Parma, Italy.

The group toured the Fattoria dei Barbi’s Brunello Museum and our historic aging cellar. And, of course, what visit to Montalcino would be complete without an authentic Tuscan country meal like the one they had at the Taverna dei Barbi on the grounds of the Barbi estate following their visit.

Anyone who began visiting Montalcino and Siena province in the 1980s, before the rise of Brunello as a major force in the international wine market, surely remembers the days when the Montalcino countryside was dotted with little family-run taverns where you could always find a hot bowl of zuppa di funghi (mushroom soup) or a ribollita (the twice-cooked Tuscan bread soup) and a selection of artisanal salumi and sheep’s milk cheese to be paired with vibrant Sangiovese (whether Rosso di Montalcino or Brunello di Montalcino).

Sadly, the wine boom of the last 25 years has changed the Montalcino landscape. But we are proud to report that the Tavern dei Barbi still does it the same that it’s been done there for generations.

Just like in the photo above: A great place for simple, wholesome, traditional Tuscan fare paired with great wines and great friends.

You don’t have to visit the winery or museum to enjoy the restaurant. And while reservations are not required, they are recommended.

Please call +39 0577 847143 to reserve.

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