Brunello across the world: Barbi in Campinas, Brasil at La Campagna Ristorante

One of the great things about the wine trade and working with wines like Fattoria dei Barbi is that our job takes us all over the world.

Fattoria dei Barbi was one of the first wineries in Montalcino to begin shipping its wines to the New World. And today, from Canada to South America, you’ll find the wines in all kinds of fine-dining restaurants (and not just Italian restaurants).

Last month, we received a very sweet email from Davide Lodato, an Italian-born restaurateur and sommelier who runs a great Italian restaurant called La Campagna Ristorante (above), just outside of Campinas, Brasil.

Davide manages a superb list of top Italian wines and he’s a big lover of Brunello. And he regularly holds wine tastings and wine dinners at his restaurant, which specializes in Sicilian cuisine (he was born in Catania).

Check out this blog post by Davide, which includes his tasting notes for the 2011 Brunello di Montalcino by Fattoria dei Barbi.

And here’s a link to the restaurant’s website and Facebook (image above via its Facebook).

It’s so great to know that you can travel from one end of the earth to the other and find people who are united in their passion for great wines.

Thank you, Davide, for your hospitality and your blog post. And thanks, most of all, for reminding us of why we love our job so much.

We look forward to seeing you next year at Vinitaly!

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