Harvest 2017

“We’ll never see such a strange vintage again.” Stefano on the bizarre 2017 harvest…

Harvest continues in Maremma on our Scansano estate.

Everything was dry in 2017. The woods are brown (the trees are just resting, not dead!). There’s a drastic drop in production but the grapes are normal, although they are more concentrated in areas that are driest and with the highest amount of galestro. Only occasionally do you find dried grapes or grapes that are still partly green.

There’s not a lot of fruit but the quality isn’t bad at all.

The situation in Montalcino, as always, is unique. The drought was offset by two or three light rainfalls. The woods are green but there aren’t a lot of grapes. The harvest is beginning slowly.

Here, as elsewhere, the must has a rich color that no one can remember ever seeing. For one or two weeks now, the seeds have been brown and crunchy but the sugars aren’t as prematurely developed.

Will it be a good vintage? I really don’t know but I’m optimistic. One thing is for sure: We’ll never see such a strange vintage again.

Stefano Cinelli Colombini
owner, winemaker
Fattoria dei Barbi

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