Menu for this weekend’s HARVEST FESTIVAL at Fattoria dei Barbi

best osteria montalcino

Above: Chef Lucia Megalli (foreground) will be preparing a classic Tuscan country feast for this weekend’s Harvest Festival. For more information and to reserve, please click here.


Selection of salumi and pecorino
White bean and tuna salad
Anchovies with Tuscan pesto
Mini frittatas with spinach and potatoes


Wild turkey broth with taglionlini
Homemade tagliatelle with meat sauce
Panzanella, Tuscan bread salad
Bean soup
Pappa col pomodoro, Tuscan tomato, leek, and bread soup


Stuffed chicken neck and chicken terrine
Braised wild turkey with Lucia’s pickled vegetables
Meat loaf with tomato sauce
Spinach and chicken liver pudding with hard-boiled eggs
Stewed celery and tomato
Beans in tomato sauce with sausage


Brandy-cured peaches
Ciambellone, Tuscan pound cake
Sospiri, cream-filled mini cakes
Zuppa inglese, ladyfingers layered with custard

The cost is 35 euros per person. Reservation required.

For more info, please contact us at: or tel. +39 0577 841111 (on Saturdays and Sundays please call +39 0577 841205).

Fattoria dei Barbi | Montalcino
Loc. Podernovi 170 | Strada Consorziale dei Barbi
53024 Montalcino (SI)

One thought on “Menu for this weekend’s HARVEST FESTIVAL at Fattoria dei Barbi

  1. Are there anty tables with round trip tickets glued to the underside of the table? I would be there in a heart beat to raise a glass of Barbi Brunello with the staff and chef and bask in the love that is Montalcino.


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