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Celebrate the harvest at Fattoria dei Barbi with an old-time feast (July 8-9)

“Back When The Wheat Was In The Barn”
An Old-Time Feast to Celebrate Harvest
July 8-9, 2017
Fattoria dei Barbi

July is the month when harvest begins at the Fattoria dei Barbi. In another era, the site where the Taverna dei Barbi now stands used to be the place where we gathered all the wheat after it was harvested. Once the “wheat was in the barn,” then the threshing began. Back then it was an intensely laborious job. But it was also so much more. It was a ritual: The harvest was the estate’s livelihood and the entire farm would celebrate the harvest with a meal — including the best foods the farm could offer — shared with friends. It was a sort of mass and it was also an occasion for enjoying good wine. It’s a tradition that’s been lost over time and we invite you to relive it with us!

On Saturday and Sunday, July 8-9, 2017, we will be hosting a luncheon and dinner at the Taverna dei Barbi. And we will be serving a rich and extravagant feast like the ones of harvests past: From wild turkey broth and stuffed turkey neck to brandy-cured and stuffed peaches and plenty other now forgotten dishes. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit our historic cellar where we age our Brunello and the Brunello museum. And of course, you will also get to enjoy a tasting of our wines paired with a selection of Pecorino cheeses from Montalcino.

The cost is 35 euros per person. Reservation required.

For more info, please contact us at: or tel. +39 0577 841111 (on Saturdays and Sundays please call +39 0577 841205).

Fattoria dei Barbi | Montalcino
Loc. Podernovi 170 | Strada Consorziale dei Barbi
53024 Montalcino (SI)

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