Riserva 2007: A wine that could only be obtained from the appellation’s historic growing zones

We were thrilled to read this tasting note on our 2007 Brunello Riserva by one of our favorite wine bloggers and one of the best tasters in Italy at the moment, Federico Bindi, author of Taccuin di Vino (translation by our blogmaster). In his post, he notes that he opened the wine the day before and that it was still tasting great even two days after he first poured it in the glass.

As the aromas emerged from the glass, its nose was ample, intense, deep, and very complex. As it evolved, the red fruit became clearly evident but it was also interconnected with a flow of marine notes marked by mineral and especially ferrous flavors, umami, floral, orange, and noble vegetal notes together with bay, myrtle, strawberry tree, and even rhubarb. There were also aromas of grains like barley that blended together with woodsy balsamic notes and perhaps even eucalyptus. These were followed by mint, nutmeg, and clove in the finish. There were also hints of elegant tertiary notes of leather, wood, and tobacco.

As the flavors emerged in the mouth, the attack was smooth, amply elegant, seductive, and well composed, with great body and high acidity, a lot of mature tannin, and a little bit of punch that lent a slight note of chinotto in the lingering and well balanced finish.

This was a classic Brunello Riserva, a paradigm of excellence in the traditional style, a top wine that can only be obtained from parcels that lie in the historic growing zones for the appellation. Those sites are the only ones that can deliver a wine like this in a warm vintage like 2007. Those are the sites capable of honoring the terroir and the grapes in harvests like this.

This is the type of Brunello Riserva that you can already enjoy now. It has that sweetness that you typically find in 2007. Not from sugars. But rather sweetness in the wine’s texture and, you could even say, in its tender, effusive disposition…

It was excellent with roast lamb and squab but it also went well with pasta with ragù, where it performed like a wonderful and graceful companion thanks to its rare and delicious balance. It accompanied or rather played a supporting role to the dish without ever getting in its way, just a like a seasoned conductor who wraps the notes of the soloist in the score.

Federico Bindi
Taccuin di Vino
May 2017

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