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“Wow, what a wine!” Brunello di Montalcino 2010 Vigna del Fiore

best-2010-brunelloOne of the perks of my line of business is the wines that my clients often share with me.

Earlier this year, a bottle of Fattoria dei Barbi’s 2010 Brunello di Montalcino Vigna del Fiore found its way to my desk.

We opened it last night for an impromptu holiday dinner party and served the wine with Tracie P’s superb spaghetti al ragù.

Wow, what a wine, people!

At first, I was concerned that its dark brooding fruit and its rich tannic character would overwhelm our palates. Had I opened this wine too young? No doubt, I did: This wine clearly has decades and decades of life ahead of it. But even at first kiss, it was already beginning to show the herbal, brambly notes that you would immediately recognize as Montalcino.

Maybe it was because the wine stars aligned last night over Houston but it only took 15 minutes or so in the glass (no expedited aeration whatsoever) for the wine’s sumptuous and juicy red fruit to emerge. And the wine’s classic underbrush, earthy, bay and sage notes danced with the ripe plum notes in a spellbinding savory-sweet ballata.

Whenever I get to taste and in this case thoroughly enjoy a wine like this (thank you again, Stefano and Raffaella!), I always think about how the great wines of the world are at once expressive of their appellations (the paradigmatic expression) yet distinctive in their originality (the syntagmatic). The Barbi Brunello Vigna del Fiore is one of those iconic wines that captures the essence of Montalcino while delivering a unique interpretation of the appellation’s greatness.

Jeremy Parzen
Montalcino Blog contributor

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