How one of Fattoria dei Barbi’s wines helped to shape a wine writer’s career

best 2011 brunello

Browsing around the internets the other day, we were pleased to stumble across the following note on the site. It’s from one of the profiles of the team members who produce content for the masthead (one of our favorites):

Whilst refusing to decide on a favourite wine, though [Decanter contributor Harry Fawkes] can reel off a few such as Winston Churchill 1996 in Magnum, Cheval Blanc 1989 from Double Magnum and Ridge Monte Bello 1991, his favourite wine moment was treating his parents, and parents in-law, to lunch at Fattoria dei Barbi in Montalcino, Italy, whilst tasting their fabulous 2006 Brunello vintage with [Fattoria dei Barbi export manager] Raffaella Guidi Federzoni.

One of the great things about the wine trade is that it is such a tight-knit community. And within that community, there are certain wines that form the “glue,” as it were, the bonds that connect the people, the wineries, and the wines. It’s almost like a not-so-secret code that we all share and enjoy — together.

We couldn’t be more proud that one of Fattoria dei Barbi’s wines was one of the wines that helped to nudge Harry Fawkes toward a career in wine writing. And we couldn’t be more touched to know that it was our very own Raffaella (one of the most beloved and respected persons in the trade) who poured Harry that wine for him and his parents on that fateful day in Montalcino!

And of course, we couldn’t be more thrilled to keep such great company!

Read Harry’s thread of articles for Decanter here.

And btw, here’s Stefano’s tasting note for the 2006 vintage at Fattoria dei Barbi:

Considered to be an exceptional vintage in which the grapes reached perfect phenolic ripeness and the wines achieved excellent richness and complexity in their aromas.

Not too shabby!

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