Homemade pastas wow an Italian food critic at Taverna dei Barbi

Here’s highlights (translated by our blogmaster) from a review of the Taverna dei Barbi, the Fattoria dei Barbi’s classic Tuscan farmhouse tavern. Food writer Roberta Capanni is one of Italy’s most respected critics and she is the deputy editor of EgNews, a site devoted to wine and food tourism in Italy. Click here for her complete article.


At the Taverna dei Barbi, it’s all about the quality. In the kitchen, [chef] Lucia is the classic cook that you expect to find in a tavern. Classic dishes prepared in strict accordance with tradition, made with food products from the estate itself, dishes that can accompany intense wines like Brunello and Morellino, not to mention the estate’s excellent white wines.

With her cheese course, Lucia offers her guests delicious jams made from seasonal fruit: We enjoyed pears and ginger, fruit mixed with vegetables, and “precious” gelatin made from Brunello. And of course, there is no shortage of salumi, just like the Italian saying, there is no wine that doesn’t like salami.

The pasta is made in-house for dishes like pappardelle (in our case, prepared with hare, the seasonal sauce for pasta at this time of year. Homemade pasta is also used for the chickpea puree, which is served with a few whole chickpeas, a sprig of rosemary, and a drizzle of estate-pressed olive oil. Ingredients that celebrate the simple flavors of soups. And of course, pinci (or pici senesi) are served dressed with game sauces or tossed with garlic, another traditional preparation.

The image above comes from the Taverna’s Facebook page. Check it out for lots of fun photos featuring this rustic restaurant and its menu.

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