Harvesting the best grapes in Montalcino today: Harvest update from Stefano


After a few hours of rain late Saturday night, we began picking the best vineyards today at Fattoria dei Barbi. We had waited until now to harvest them so that they could achieve the maximum level of ripeness.

The sun is beautiful today and that’s a good thing because if I had counted on the weather forecast and if the rain and cold temperatures had continued for three or four days as predicted, we could have risked losing quite a bit of our crop. Thank goodness!

Look at how nice and brown and granite those stems are. There’s not a trace of green in them as they arrive at the cellar this morning. Words are a dime a dozen: These stems are a true indicator of perfect ripening.

There have been a few dry bunches that we’ve discarded — just the opposite of rot or mildew.

Stefano Cinelli Colombini

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