Harvest update from Stefano: Tasting the first wine from Maremma


This is the first wine from Barbi’s 2016 harvest in Maremma!

Nearly 16 percent alcohol, impressive color, and already delicious on the palate.

I don’t know how it will evolve but so far so good.

Fermentation times have been long this year. The seeds are brown and crunchy and the skins are rich in color even if they fade quickly.

We haven’t made any specific analysis yet but it seems that the grapes have achieved perfect phenolic ripeness.

Unless Bambi eats our grapes (and with all due respect to animal rights activists, when Bambi gobbles up an entire year of our production, the only way I love Bambi is marinated and braised in wine) or unless a hoard of feral hogs eats it, these grapes are sure to make for something good!

Stefano Cinelli Colombini

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