Harvest update from Stefano


We began harvest yesterday afternoon here in Montalcino where we only have Sangiovese grapes. We stopped after we filled the first two fermentation tanks.

The grapes are already beautiful but after we spent time in the vineyards, we decided that a few more days of sun will only make them even better.

Regardless of global warming, the nights have been cool here in Montalcino all summer long. As a result, we will have rich color and abundant polyphenols in the grapes. At the same time, we can’t ignore the premature development of sugars that we’ve seen this year.

I’m concerned that we will finish picking in mid-October, the way it used to be in another era. But that’s fine. The important thing is that we obtain a great Brunello and it seems that this year we will.

We also began picking again in Scansano, where all the Morellino is now in the cellar. I’ll share a photo of the must as soon as I have a moment.

After having finished half of the harvest, my first impression is that we have grapes that have good body but are soft and with little bitterness. But it’s still to early to give a final judgment on this year’s crop.

Stefano Cinelli Colombini

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