Harvest 2016

Wild boar are destroying the Tuscan wine trade: Updates from Stefano on #Harvest2016


Fermentation of the first tanks of Merlot from Scansano has been completed, with an average level of potential alcohol of 14.6 percent and 5.6 acidity with impressive color! This will be a great wine.

Now we are picking the Ciliegiolo, Alicante, and some of the Merlot that still hasn’t been picked from a large parcel that we rented next to our own vineyards. But it’s a disastrous scene: The grapes are so sweet that there is no way to stop the boar and roe deer from eating them. We’re not even getting half of the 300-400 tonnes we expected to harvest. The Region of Tuscany has said that there are 150,000 ungulates (hoofed animals) to be put down. But nothing has been done as of yet and now I have to bear witness to this mess.

So much work gone to waste! It’s not fair. And don’t talk to me about ghost hunts and boar meat that can’t be sold because it’s full of parasites. (I warned them when the law was being discussed but nobody wanted to pay attention!)

And don’t talk to me about government officials building rubber walls (if they fail to enforce the law, they should be suspended. Period, end of report!)

If the Region of Tuscany wants its grape growers to survive, it needs to eliminate boar from vineyard lands, where, historically, there were no boar before now. In many areas, they only arrived about a decade ago and they are now upsetting the environmental balance, the plant life, and every type of crop. There used to be balance and no there isn’t.

Their numbers need to be shaved to a sustainable level and this needs to be done right away because growers can’t survive if they are not able to harvest their crops.

In Montalcino, the sky is cloudy but it’s not raining. At noon, it was 21° C. It’s not clear if the grapes will continue to ripen with these temperatures.

Stefano Cinelli Colombini

2 thoughts on “Wild boar are destroying the Tuscan wine trade: Updates from Stefano on #Harvest2016

  1. Private profit against nature and wild life, isn’t it?? That’s what many charge with vinegrowers. No other ways to legally and effectively protect our vineyards than fencing them against wildboar and deer. That means 2,3mt high wire mesh. Thousand hectares of vine-lager all around Tuscany. Is that the breath-taking landscape we dream of?


  2. It isn’t private profit against wild life, absolutely not. Tuscany is living an unbelievable increase of the wild boars, ten times more of what we had for centuries. Too many, and obviously they must eat; grapes, grains but also the new plants in the woods, destroying the natural habitat of the others animals. They are upsetting the balance, they must be reduced to a normal quantity.


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