Friday nights at the museum: The Fattoria dei Barbi summer series

brunello museum

Above: The Brunello Museum at Fattoria dei Barbi (Montalcino).

According to the Treccani Dictionary of the Italian Langauge, the word veglia is a Tuscan term for “an evening spent with friends and family, chatting and telling stories, playing cards or other games, playing music or dancing” (translation by our blogmaster).

Akin to the English vigil, it evokes a time before television and internet when small-town families needed to provide their own homemade entertainment on Friday evenings.

From May to October, the Cinelli-Colombini family holds a “veglia” every Friday night at the Brunello Museum (at the Barbi estate) from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m.

The gathering include wine tasting, food, music, and great conversation. It’s a wonderful way to connect with like-minded souls during Montalcino’s summer nights.

Reservations required: Call +39 3485702298 or email to learn more.

Click here for the Brunello Museum website.

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