Fattoria dei Barbi isn’t just a winery: It’s a village!

best food shop montalcino

One of the greatest things about visiting Fattoria dei Barbi is that it gives you a real sense of the way farms worked in Montalcino in another era.

In fact, the estate isn’t just a winery.

Besides the winery’s tasting room and cellar (which are also open on a daily basis for visits), the grounds also include a salumi shop and a cheese shop where the products on sale have all been produced using livestock raised on the estate itself.

It’s without a doubt one of the best places to go shopping for classic, authentic, and artisanal Montalcino food products. After all, what could be more artisanal than products crafted on the estate?

And of course, there is also the Taverna, a classic Tuscan trattoria where you can enjoy traditional Tuscan cuisine made using products from the estate and served with wines grown and vinified at the winery.

All of these elements make Fattoria dei Barbi one of the best visits in the region.

To view the menu and to contact the Taverna to make a reservation for your party, please click here.

And click here for contact info to set up an appointment in our tasting room (not required but recommended).

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