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RIP Giacomo Tachis: Stefano remembers a giant of Italian wine

giacomo tachis

This week, the Italian wine world mourns the loss of Italian wine great Giacomo Tachis, 82, who died over the weekend at his home in San Casciano Val di Pesa surrounded by friends and family.

Read about his life here (English).

In a comment to a post on the popular Italian wine blog Intravino commemorating his life and passing, Fattoria dei Barbi’s Stefano Cinelli Colombini shared this memory of Tachis, a giant among Italian winemakers and creator of iconic labels like Sassicaia and Tignanello.

He was a great enologist and a great human being.

I’d like to share a memory of him that I imagine few people are aware of.

In the 1980s and 1990s, he and I frequently traveled the world together with the Italian wine world’s elite on Pino Khail’s wine tours (he was another great even though few remember him!).

In the few free hours we had, we often found time to visit museums together. It was always just us two, I’m afraid to report, aside from Piero Antinori in Berlin.

He was a unique and engaging individual, with multiple interests.

Many enologists who have followed in his footsteps in Italy. And some of those may even have matched his ability. But we have never had a polymath and free-thinking enologist like him. He lived his life his way, naturally.

Image via Intravino.

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