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Fattoria dei Barbi hits the airwaves @GrapeRadio

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She’s arguably the “hardest-working woman in the wine business”: Raffaella Guidi Federzoni (above), a Roman-born Montalcino transplant who speaks English impeccably and travels to all corners of the globe as Fattoria dei Barbi’s export ambassador.

After working for decades in the wine trade, she is one of the world’s greatest experts in Tuscan wine and Italian wine in general.

She’s also a superb writer who contributes regularly to the Italian wine intelligentsia blog Accademia degli Alterati (in Italian).

Occasionally, you’ll find translations of her essays and rants here on the Barbi blog.

In late 2015, she appeared on the popular wine podcast Grape Radio.

It’s worth listening to, not only because she is one of the most engaging and charming wine personalities on the scene today but also because we are sure that you will find her insights in Tuscan winemaking as interesting as we do.

You can hear her interview here.

Buon ascolto, as they say in Italian. Enjoy the show!

Image via Scatti di Gusto (one of our favorite Italian-language food blogs).

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