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How old does Brunello need to be before you open it?

andrea gori sommelier italy

Fattoria dei Barbi and winemaker and winery owner Stefano Cinelli Colombini (right) were recently featured at the “God Save the Wine” tasting in Florence at the Hotel Bernini palace where the event’s host, founder, and leading Italian sommelier and media personality Andrea Gori (left) interviewed Stefano for the occasion (click the image above for the video; in Italian).

The theme of this last installment of the moveable tasting for 2015 was “Christmas and gift-giving.”

When Andrea asks Stefano when is best to open and taste Brunello in terms of its aging, Stefano gives him a classically honest answer.

“We are in the business of selling wine, after all,” says Stefano with his trademark earnestness. “This is our livelihood.”

“But the truth,” he continues, “is that Brunello is perfect when it’s ten years old.”

He’s referring to the fact that we often drink Brunello too young.

“Yes,” he tells Andrea, “the 2010 Brunello is stupendous right now but it’s not giving its everything yet.”

“It will be perfect in another 5 or even ten years.”

Rightly so, Andrea suggests that instead of giving a bottle, you should give a case. That way, he explains, you can taste one bottle and then save the others.

Stefano, understandably, nods approvingly!

God Save the Wine is one of Italy’s premier wine tasting events and is hosted by Andrea on multiple dates and at multiple locations throughout the year. Ten wineries, both Italian and foreign, are presented at each gathering. For updates on 2016 dates and locations, please visit Andrea’s Facebook page.

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