1967 an important (and as it turns out very good) year for Brunello

brunello color 2

I wanted to do just one last post in our series of old vintage tasting notes from a flight that Stefano recently served to a group of select Italian wine writers.

About a month ago I posted about the 1967 Fattoria dei Barbi Brunello di Montalcino that I tasted at a collectors dinner in New York.

Not a lot of info is available on the vintage, nor are tasting notes anywhere to be found (aside from a few posts on CellarTracker, where the wine gets positive reviews).

In Italy’s Noble Red Wines, Wasserman notes that Colombini “said it was [a] good” vintage as opposed to a few other producers who said it was “very good.”

As of the publication of the second edition of his landmark book in 1991, he notes that “the 67’s are not wines to hold any longer, although it was considered a three-star vintage at one time.”

Belfrage, in his 2009 book The Finest Wines of Tuscany and Central Italy: A Regional and Village Guide, said that it is considered a “good Brunello,” noting that at the time of the 1967 vintage, the only “good” producers working were Biondi Santi, Il Poggione, and Colombini.

I’m still going to work on tracking down harvest notes for the vintage (stay tuned for those).

But I also wanted to point out that 1967 is the year of the founding of the Brunello di Montalcino consortium (and it also happens to be my birth year!).

The wine I tasted a month ago in Manhattan was fantastic, very much alive and vibrant in the glass. It was really one of the finest examples of Sangiovese I’ve ever tasted. I’ll never forget the famous wine writer sitting next to me at the dinner who turned to me and said, “Jeremy, you need to take me to Barbi!”

To be continued…

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