Barbi lends researchers a hand in crafting zero-sulfur wines

zero sulfur sangiovese brunello wine

In a post published today an its website, the Department of Agriculture at the University of Pisa has announced a new protocol for the production of zero-sulfur wines, in other words, wines produced without the addition of any sulfur whatsoever.

The research was made possible thanks, in part, to the Fattoria dei Barbi and owner Stefano Cinelli Colombini who allowed the scientist to use grapes harvested on the estate and who let them use the winemaking facilities there.

“This process allows us to obtain wines without additives,” explained professor Angela Zinnai who led the research team that developed the new protocol. “And so it can be consumed by people who suffer from allergies or dietary issues.”

“Our method doesn’t alter the character of the wine. Just the opposite: It enhances the wine’s quality and safeguards many aromas that are often masked, altered, or diminished by the presence of sulfur and other additives. And the total absence of chemical additives also has a positive effect on consumers’ health, like increased absorption of the many healthy substances contained in wine.”

The study and resulting protocol was part of the department’s quest, said Zinnai in the statement, to help Italian winemakers produce wines that align with current trends among consumers, who increasingly look to the wholesomeness and healthiness of the wines they drink.

The Department of Agriculture at the University of Pisa is widely considered to be among the leading research centers in Europe today and generations of Italian winemakers have been trained there.

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