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Daybreak in Montalcino: A Room with a view (and a favorite hotel)

daybreak montalcino

Late summer is always a beautiful time to visit Montalcino.

But then again, when isn’t a good time to visit Montalcino?

On my recent stay there, I was reminded of how every amateur photographer (myself included) suddenly becomes an Ansel Adams when in Montalcino.

All you have to do is to point and shoot and your camera is rewarded with a masterwork in the making.

When I asked the staff at Barbi where I should stay on this trip, they suggested the Hotel dei Capitani, on the east side of the town.

It’s a modest three-star hotel. Nothing to write home about. Clean and with good internet service.

When I arrived, I thought to myself, “this will do just fine. Spartan and no more amenities than the traveler’s basics. But just fine. And well priced.”

But then I went into my room and saw the view.

That’s the view (above), at daybreak, from my single-occupancy room. And that’s the view mid-morning (below), a photo I took with my iPhone, btw.

I highly recommend it…

Hotel dei Capitani
Via Lapini, 6
53024 Montalcino SI
+39 0577 847227

best view montalcino

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