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Montalcino resources for visitors: The Fortezza tasting room and shop

best wine shop montalcino

On my recent visit to Montalcino, I was reminded that the stunning Fortezza (below), a living-and-breathing medieval fortress and one of Montalcino’s most iconic symbols, is also a wine shop and tasting room.

The Enoteca La Fortezza offers a number of Brunello di Montalcino labels by-the-taste or by-the-glass from a well stocked cruvinet. The flight is changed regularly.

They also offer some food, including traditional Tuscan charcuterie.

And perhaps most importantly, the range of bottles for sale is arguably the most impressive among all the wines shops in Montalcino (which probably has the highest ratio of retail wine merchants per capita than another city in the world!).

The Enoteca La Fortezza also organizes events and hosts private parties.

Check out the website here.

fortezza montalcino tasting room

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