“Fattoria”: The other half of the Fattoria dei Barbi name

taverna dei barbi

Last week we posted on the barbi in the name “Fattoria dei Barbi.”

This week, we wanted to address the other half of the Fatttoria dei Barbi name: fattoria.

fattoria (faht-toh-REE-ah, rhymes with trattoria), farm, from the Latin factore, literally maker, from facere meaning to make or produce.

You find usage of fattoria generally in Tuscany where it can denote a winery or a farm, keeping in mind that most wine-producing estates in Tuscany also grow olives and other crops.

And that’s the important thing that sets the Fattoria dei Barbi from being merely a winery.

It’s a farm that produces a wide range of agricultural and food products — including wine.

At Fattoria dei Barbi, they grow grapes and they grow olives. They also grow herbs and vegetables, many of which are used in the kitchen of the estate’s restaurant. They make wine and they make olive oil. They make salami and they make cheese.

And the fact that the estate is a working farm that produces a variety of food and wine products plays another important role in the products themselves. The combination of all these elements creates an environmental and economic balance that helps to sustain and to enrich the products themselves and the people that work there.

From the estate’s biodiversity to its economic health, all of its components work together synergistically and even symbiotically to become more than just the mere sum of their parts.

It’s an ancient tradition that has been carried on at Fattoria Barbi since the eighteenth century when the current owners, the Cinelli Colombini family, first began working the farm. And it’s a tradition that stretches back even before their time.

As the etymology of the word fattoria reveals above, a fattoria isn’t just a place where people make wine; it’s a place where people make and produce.

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