Montalcino / Montalcino History

Colombini Family History (part I)

device colombini family

1200 – 1400 C.E.

Jacopo Colombini designs the heraldic device with four doves on a blue background (colombo means dove in Italian).

The Colombini, a noble family from Siena, were merchants who owned stores, land, and dwellings.

In the 1300s, when mystics like Saint Francis of Assisi began preaching, Giovanni Colombini, a rich and powerful citizen of Siena, gave away enormous parts of his land holdings, including land he owned in Montalcino and the Poggio alle Mura.

Giovanni began to preach and he gave his assets away to priests and convents. As a result, the family’s wealth was scattered.

He died in 1367 and was beatified by Pope Pius II (Piccolomini) in 1464. And to this day, he is known as “il beato” or the “blessed Giovanni Colombini.”

Following his death, the Colombini began working again to rebuild their wealth in Siena township. It didn’t take long for them to begin buying and selling again and in no time, they had new stores, dealings, and lands and their riches were restored.

1500 – 1600

In the last period of wars between Siena and Florence, the Colombini took sides with the Florentines and were expelled from Siena. They sought refuge at the court of the Medici and they lost their Sienese assets. After the fall of Montalcino, the Colombini returned to Siena and Montalcino with the Medici and they rebuilt there wealth there.

1600 – 1700

For reasons still unknown, but probably due to financial or political issues, the family moved its holdings and assets to Lucca and became part of the Order of the Knights of Saint Stephen and they lived between Pisa and Lucca for many decades.

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