Brunello Museum where the story of Brunello comes to life

brunello museum


The Museo della Comunità di Montalcino e del Brunello (The Montalcino Community and Brunnello Musuem) contains 800 square meters of exhibits devoted to farming life and artisan life in Montalcino, as well as the community’s many clubs and social groups. The exhibits begin with the land of Montalcino and its pioneers and the families who helped to make Montalcino what it is today: An appellation that produces world-class wines that reach every corner of the globe.

One of the things that surprises visitors to the Brunello Musuem, which lies just up the road from the Barbi cellar and tasting room, is that it features all of the appellation’s legacy producers, including its pioneers like Biondi Santi and its more recent superstars.

The galleries teem with artifacts that have been gathered and meticulously catalogued and labeled. And while the collection of farming and artisanal implements is one of the most impressive found in Italy today, it’s the museum’s main gallery, which is devoted to Brunello and its history, that is the true show stopper.

Shoemaking, woodwork, ceramics, wool production, and blacksmithing — five of Montalcino’s historic trades — are among those covered in the museum’s exhibits.

And the Brunello gallery includes a timeline that allows the visitor to “walk” through Brunello’s history and take note of the many “firsts” in the Brunello legacy.

Currently, the museum is open to visitors by appointment only.

Reservations can be made by calling +39 348 3339829 or by emailing

Cost is Euro 5 per adult.
Euro 3.50 for teenagers (12-18 years), students, and senior citizens.
Children under 12 years of age are admitted free of charge.


brunello museum

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